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Detachable Handle

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     Patented detachable handle
  • Completely new design: developed, manufactured and patented by Woll in Germany
  • Easy click on and off heavy-duty handle has a firm and comfortable feel, no wobbly handles. >
  • Each handle allows for an extra 7.25” (size of handle) of storage space
  • Fit more pans in the oven, cupboard, or on the stove because the handle does not get in the way.
  • >No rivets to collect grease or to harbor bacteria.
  • Safe. No long handle to stick out on the stove, preventing small children from reaching up and spilling the pan and contents on to themselves.
  • Each pan has a cast-in threaded brass insert to guarantee that handles never strip out or loosen.
  • Easily turn a fry pan or sauté pan into a casserole, baking dish, or a pie pan, just by clicking off the handle.
  • To attach pull back the handles button slightly attach the handle into the heavy duty support, the handle smoothly clicks into place and sits firmly in place, very easy to use
  • Perfect for any place storage or cooking space is at a premium: boats, trailers, apartments, and homes with small kitchens. Less clutter
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